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Alltek USA general manager
I am an advertising company outside the person in charge, in 2012 December, our company has a number of special technology for children book orders to do, learned from a friend in Shanghai City Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional to do board book, and home visits, found that the company scale, production capacity and technological level it is worthy of trust, after years of cooperation, Shanghai Chenxi and professional services have been let us keep in close cooperation, sometimes encounter urgent order processing, customer service and production is the first time I tried to solve the problem of response, and can ensure the delivery schedule and let our customers of our high evaluation. Thank you very much for Shanghai Chenxi Printing Co. Ltd. the solid backing. Here I wish Shanghai Chenxi Co. business development on the upgrade.
In May 2003, I go online to find Shanghai Chenxi printing, and a number of brochures to entrust their processing, because we will attend an exhibition, from design to delivery of finished products of a total of only 10 days, I remember we also found several suppliers, and finally Shanghai Chenxi help our production work overtime, from to choose the material design to finished printing, it is a green light, eventually completed the delivery, this is because of this brochure to help, we have received a lot of orders at the show, so until now our company's print regardless of the size of delivery to Shanghai Chenxi responsible, with them, we have never had to worry about media.
Shanghai Jiali General Manager
Mr. Tang Han
General manager of Derby
Mr. Wei Kean
Shanghai Chenxi Printing Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Chen in 2005 it and we have printing business, after so many years of cooperation, we feel good Shanghai Chenxi print quality control, delivery time is also very fast. We mainly do shopping promotions of printed matter, so each delivery time is very urgent, Chenxi can very good match, so we've been working together for eight years, very satisfied.
I am just last year and Shanghai Chenxi printing business, had been heard the strength of the company, all kinds of sophisticated equipment configuration, has a full set of Postpress machinery, especially in the book card, special book production have rich experience, hold try mentality, although the beginning due to our own process of book card do not understand some mistakes, but Chenxi printing with active to take decisive measures to remedy, let our loss can be reduced to a minimum, and the successful completion of delivery. So far we have cooperation down gradually produced a "tacit understanding", Shanghai Chenxi is my trusted enterprise.
General manager, Beijing nine
Mr. Tan Junjiao